Navand Salamat was established in 1994 to manufacture products in the field of biotechnology and was located in the Technology Incubator of the University of Medical Sciences and Medical Services of West Azarbaijan Province in January of the same year. Thanks to its expert and experienced staff, this division was able to develop and manufacture numerous products for medical diagnosis and research, drawing on local knowledge. In the field of laboratory equipment manufacturing, the aim is to develop and offer suitable solutions for this field based on a needs analysis.

What does Navand Salamat do?

We know that creativity and science are at the heart of a research project. Therefore,  other things should not only hinder creativity and the production of science, but also accelerate and facilitate this process. Navand Salamat considers himself a scientist, and various analyzes are carried out several times a day in  Nonad Salamat’s laboratory. We are experts in conducting experiments that require a lot of time and money to set up and equip  each laboratory. Ultimately, the product we send to a scientist embodies our love and passion for laboratory work, science and the experiences. The satisfaction you get from using our products is also the result of the trust and good experience of the dear scientists of our country. Also the addition of new products and the confidence of well-known and experienced teachers  gives us double energy and multiplies the love and interest in what we do.

What does Navand Salamat do

Become a biotech manufacturing hub  in the region, utilizing life sciences and information technology .experts

What does Navand Salamat do

Considering the importance and impact of biotechnological products in the knowledge economy, this entity with the support of organizations and the government can export the aforementioned products to neighboring countries by locating certain products and reducing  the flow of currency. It also helps the medical research department to meet the needs of health research.