Why Navand Salamat?

Because we are experts in our field. Research brings many challenges to the researcher, and we are aware of this. At Navand Salamat, we develop solutions for researchers so they can spend less time, money and energy on their research experiments. In fact, Navand Salamat is a researcher’s assistant to perform more convenient, reliable and accurate tests. Our relationship with our country’s researchers is a two-way and interactive one, through which we are getting to know their daily needs and challenges better and better. Our team of experts also focuses on manufacturing products with creativity and innovation. Therefore, Navand Salamat laboratory kits with technical support and laboratory experience provide researchers with clear and reliable services.


What happens at Navand Salamat every day is brainstorming to find new solutions. Navandians find different ways to solve problems and implement them through innovation.


Navand Salamat’s intellectual engine is formed by its creative, knowledgeable and sophisticated team. Navandians love what they do, think differently and are always on the cutting edge.


What is important at Navand Salamat is a genuine understanding of what is happening in the environment. This honesty is respected at all levels. Navandians believe that this quality is the first step to solving the problem.


Improving skills and expanding the communication network is one of the foundations of Navand Salamat. The wide network created by each team member helps us to spread new ideas.

Laboratory assay kits

Despite the progress made in this field, a significant portion of the vital laboratory kits required for our scientific and diagnostic sector of our country are presently imported. This situation has led to issues including high costs, prolonged orders, and currency outflow. Based on experience and local knowledge, Navand Salamat Company has developed and produced laboratory kits for research and diagnosis to facilitate access to these crucial resources in the biotechnology field.

ــــــــ Customer comments ــــــــ

“wish it every success, Navand Salamat Company’s NAXIFER™ and NALONDI™ series are approved in terms of quality, accuracy and precision.”

پروفسور نصرت‌الله ضرغامی
استاد تمام بیوشیمی و آزمایشگاه‌های بالینی دانشگاه علوم پزشکی تبریز

“The techniques used in Navand Salamat’s NAXIFER™ and NALONDI™ series are scientifically validated. “

دکتر محمد رحمتی
دانشیار بیوشیمی بالینی

“My colleagues previously used imported kits for testing, and my results with Navand Salamat kits were much more accurate and better than similar foreign kits”

آقای عربی
دانشجوی ارشد دانشگاه بیرجند